Shopping a bit early – Engagement these days are longer, so it is advisable to start wedding gown shopping just a year in advance. Many brides cannot stop themselves from buying a gown they fell in love with but there are many aspects of the wedding details that can influence your dress style.

For example, an elegant gown with lots of trimmings and sizeable train will look spectacular in a ballroom but at a beach ceremony, just out of place. The colours you select for the bridesmaid and the venue decor can also influence your selection of white or off-white. So avoid visiting wedding dress shops too early.

Trying too many gowns – Most of the brides try out 4 to 7 gowns. Experts suggest that never try more than ten dresses because it leads to confusion. The common mistake she makes is not buying the gown she loves because she does not desire to end her shopping experience. 

Bring only two people – You try out dresses to ensure that they suit you. Having 10 different opinions can make it difficult to decide. Buying a gown you don’t love but someone influenced you is also the biggest mistake. Therefore bring only two people – it may be your family or friend. Remember to bring a person, who is honest and reliable to say, ‘the dress is lovely, but not for you’.

Avoid being lured with steep discounts – The biggest mistake brides make is purchase a wedding gown from a local shop or online providing 70% discounts with a condition, ‘only today’. It is wise to check the gown carefully for damages and if it cannot be fixed, leave it. Many brides buy gowns from sample sales and end up paying hundreds on alterations, which could have possibly made them buy an elegant new gown.

Trying gowns you cannot afford – You know the gown is not within your budget but you desire to try it for fun. It can lead to heart break, so it is advised to have a complete knowledge of the budget, before visiting wedding dress shops. Even make sure that the salon you select respects your budget.

Demanding the wrong size – inexpensive Wedding dresses at Melbourne are 1 or 2 sizes smaller than street clothes, so avoid fixing on actual size. Play it safe if you plan to lose weight before the wedding day and select the current size. You can make a dress small up to 4 sizes without affecting the original look but letting out 1 full size is impossible. So be realistic, in case you fail your weight loss program.