Many parents know how much work is involved with planning out a themed children’s party with some parent’s even joking that planning out their child’s party is second only to their own wedding planning. That said however, watching the smile on your baby’s face when he sees his party is a one in a million experience and so, parents go through the rigorous process of planning themed parties every year, sometimes, many times a year in the case of multiple children.

If financially viable, you may consider hiring a professional children’s birthday party planning company to do all the work for you, so you only have to walk in with your babies on the day of the party. However, not all parents can afford the luxury of hiring a kids party planning company, especially if they are parents of multiple children.

House party vs party at a hired venue

If a party is strategically planned well ahead of the big day however, you will be able to avoid much of the last minute stress and significant amounts of money. Start researching small function venues in Melbourne your area well ahead of time, so you will be able to avoid the long hassle of pre party cleaning, washing, hiring of chairs and after party cleaning and arranging. Booking your party well in advance will be able to get you the best rates on your venue. Many venues increase their prices significantly for last minute bookings.

Although many parents opt to host their children’s birthdays at their own homes to avoid paying for a venue, they will soon realize that the small cost associated with hiring a small wedding reception venues is far worth the extra money when they consider all the extra work they will be able to avoid. When it comes to food, you will either have the option of having the venue supply the food or you may opt to bring the food over to the party yourself.

It is important to remember that children do not eat much at parties. Many parents make the mistake of over catering for children’s parties only to have the kids serve too much and waste the food or to have lots of food left over at the end of the party. It is important to spend your money on entertainment activities for the party instead while having a small amount of food plus birthday cake. While you may order your birthday cake from a professional, it would be much more personal and fun to make the birthday cake at home with your little birthday girl or boy as your helper. This way, your birthday girl or boy will have fun telling their birthday guests about how they made the cake themselves.