You said yes, and now you need to start planning the wedding. The date is set, but you have decided that you want to keep the wedding at your lakeside holiday house where you and your partner have met. This would be a small and intimate wedding, which would help you to lower your cost as well, if you are working on a budget.

Make sure that you make all the relevant bookings in time

With the wedding not being local you need to book accommodation for the family and friends that would be joining you for the celebration. Take time to discuss a wedding celebrant that would suit your needs, and would be able to assist you with the requirements you have for the ceremony. Any additions that you want to add to the ceremony needs to be discussed with him, or her, in advance, to clarify the use thereof

With the expansive experience the wedding celebrant have, he or she could be able to give you examples of special things that you could bring into the ceremony. There are occasions, such as the exchange of vows, where people feel they want to do something special, but they get stuck with ideas. You have help right at hand. For more information about wedding celebrant in Brisbane, browse here.

Planning your wedding can be stressful

You can either decide to do the planning of your wedding yourself, which could result in you running around after the florist, caterer, and other contractors. In order to avoid you doing all the running around, you can always delegate the responsibilities to loved ones that are willing and trustworthy to assist you.

When making use of a wedding planner, you don’t need to worry about these issues. Wedding planners already have all their contractors available and would be in charge of making sure that all the arrangements are in place, once the decisions are made to what you require.

If you have a garden next to the lake you could put that to use for the wedding venue, it would give you more space to work on, and can eliminate breakage of any sentimental values inside the house. Whichever way you decide to go, your wedding planner would be able to assist you with all the possibilities you could follow to make this a dream come true.

What to eat

By having your wedding at the lakeside, you have various options for a choice of menu. Depending on how formal your service is, you can either have a sit down for all, or you can arrange a picnic with a fish braai and canapés for the celebrations afterwards. A lakeside wedding can be very relaxed, informal, but just as special day as any formal wedding.