Color and style are the two most important things of any wedding. And mistakes are also made on them during the wedding parties. Brides often think of their two or three favorite colors together. And there the problem lies there. It is never possible that their favorite colors will match every decoration in their wedding party.

Wedding decoration and the different deadly mistakes on styling and color

There are many different kinds of mistakes found in such colors and styles and the mistakes can really prove deadly in the decoration of wedding. Let’s have a look at 4 such ways by which you can avoid mistakes.

  • Too many colors will never work: It is most important to keep the party look simple. Not too many colors are to be selected. Two or four colors which match each other should be taken up and they are pretty much enough to decorate your party in a simple but beautiful way. For trying a strikingly different look, go with creamy white or purple color. This monochromatic idea will make your party look entirely different.
  • Trendy colors are not to be chosen: You may have some out of the box thoughts about your wedding decoration. Therefore you may choose the trendy colors for the wedding party. But they are never the right choice since a decent look is always expected in a wedding reception. After some years when you will look at your wedding pictures, the trendy colors will lose their brightness in your eyes. But the colors like white, turquoise blue, coral etc. will always have their significance, even after years. Colors like pearl white, or creamy white add elegance to the wedding party.
  • Try a good combo of colors: In your wedding party, you need to have a good combination of some colors for table runners which match up with each other. Not just two matching colors are to be used. A combination of different colors (may be up to four or five) will brighten up the reception. Color combos like sapphire, grey, sky blue, and white with some popping yellow dots will make the party look full of life and brightness. The combination of red, orange, gold, brown and yellow will create a falling look in the European countries. Do not go with the readily predictable colors, but take some risks with the combination of bright and dull colors. Pale pink with the forest green color will make such combination look too good.
  • It is not needed to match the colors of flower with each other: If the flowers are not of the same color, don’t force them to be in the same hue. Just look at the harmony they are maintaining.