Setting up the perfect business lunch requires perfect planning and synchronization. Everything has run smoothly in order and has no mishaps as it will effect till the end of the meeting. It is rather simple than organizing a party since business lunches are only for limited number of people. But unlike a party, business lunches are considered as a formal event, however not as formal as a wedding. Therefore certain factors need to be taken into consideration prior to the lunch. Given below is breakdown of facts that you need to keep in mind the next time you need to organize a business lunch.
Include it in the schedule
First and foremost you need to check and make adjustments to include the timing of the lunch in to the day’s timetable or schedule. Therefore you or the guests will not have to anticipate thee lunch time and also gives the host an idea when he or she needs to beak the meeting for lunch. This was seems more professional than someone walking up to the host to inform about the lunch break. Prior to the lunch time, all necessary utensils and food platters should be set up in the located area. Setting up should not kept until the break time commences as it will be a waste of time and inconvenience to the business clients and guests. Make sure you communicate well with the corporate catering in Napier about the timings based on the schedule.
Types of food servings
Assuming the business meeting was held seated, then most offices will organize the lunch break as a cocktail-like atmosphere, at that instance food should be served in manner that is easy to consume and less messy. Of course nobody wants ketchup or mustard dripping from their clean cut suits. Since not everyone is the same, nobody has the same taste pallet; therefore you need to have the option of serving meat and vegetarian selection food. You don’t want your business associates dozing away after a heavy meal once the meeting commences, and certainly they don’t wish to either, hence, inform your corporate catering team to have a lighter selection of food.
Prepping and cleaning up
You are required to organize and see that the lunch will be set-up in a different place away from the meeting room premises. Proper clean up needs to be done before time and also should be able to clean-up effectively once lunch time is concluded. All required prepping up and clean-up procedures should not be a disturbance to the meeting that is been taking place, therefore care should be taken that it doesn’t happen.